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MSRP R2,568.00
Hikvision Artificial Intelligence Vehicle Dashcam with Voice command
  • Traffic green light recognition,
  • Speed limit sign recognition,
  • Vehicle moving recognition.
  • 1600P 4MP video & 5MP photo,
  • wide field angle 130°
  • built-in GPS logger, microphone and speaker ,
  • WiFi smartphone connectivity.,
  • G-Sensor,
  • Supports up to 128GB SD memory card.


MSRP R143.00

Wall bracket for LCD monitor.

Supports 14"-24" LCD, left/right, up/down adjustable.


MSRP R288.00

Wall bracket for LCD monitor.

Supports 14"-23" LCD, left/right, up/down adjustable.


MSRP R2,574.00

Desktop bracket for 4 LCD monitors.

Supports 14"-26" LCD, left/right, up/down adjustable.


MSRP R369.00

Wall bracket for LCD monitor.

Supports 26"-52" LCD.


MSRP R636.00
DAHUA Alarm Extender 16 Alarm In/6 Alarm Out, 1RS485, Support 2-bit DIP switch (0/1) to determine the different alarm box access; Max support 4 alarm box having access to the back-end storage device


MSRP R127.00
BNC Video Balun with power and audio for CCTV Camera UTP Cat-5 Cable RJ45 1 pair(2pcs) CCTV Video Power Audio Balun BNC to UTP/Cat5e


MSRP R14.00
BNC male to BNC male


MSRP R6.00
BNC crimp connector Male - for RG59 .full cooper high grade


MSRP R208.00
HDCVI / AHD / HDTV TURBO HD / CVBS Ground loop isolator - Clear ground loop interference on video and auido, for CAT-5 cable or coax cable etc.


MSRP R6.00
BNC twist on solder less connector - male